Dear Steve, You published my 11 year olds son dream about the middle School being gassed. Well, keeping in mind that when I pray and teach him about The bible and saving grace of God, I do not tell him ANYTHING scary! He woke up this morning say... read more
“Lord, I see demons gathered too, they are princes. Each is standing behind each one of these men. Nov 26, 2013
Hey steve, In light of the US naming Iran as the 7th world power. AND the recent naming of the freedom tower recently being named as the tallest building in the US. I thought I would share part of a dream given to a sister in Christ over a year a... read more
You don't fight by running you pray with utter dedication and spirit, only then you know when, where and how to run, hide and fight "the tiger" Nov 25, 2013
Hi Steve, about 3 months ago I had a dream. I was in amazonian village watching how villagers were preparing themselves for "the tiger attack"(it was some periodically occurring event) They were running back and forth, screaming and shaking they... read more
THEY are testing just HOW cowardly the sheeple will be with small acclimating tests like this across America !!!! THIS IS THE REAL REAL THING FOLKS !! Shut the stupid game off and warn everyone you can fast !!!! Nov 20, 2013
About a year ago I had a dream from The Lord about roadside check points. It was very vivid as the rare dreams from Him are. You remember them well ... unlike normal dreams. I walked out of a Barnes & Noble and noticed about 10 or more "private contr... read more
Dear Steve, This is my first time contacting you, although I have beard you on the Hagmans, ans come to your news site daily. I have a dream to share that my 11 year old so had this week. He is a Christian soldier with true faith, teaching me les... read more
When all had been served and had begun eating I suddenly heard one of the observing men step up and announce gleefully that everyone in the room had been poisoned. Nov 10, 2013
Many years ago I had a dream from the Lord and have kept it in my heart til now. Our children were elementary school age and attended Christian school. This was a holiday and the school was having a turkey dinner in celebration~buffet served aro... read more
This is what the Sovereign Lord says: None of my words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will befulfilled, declares the Sovereign Lord Nov 2, 2013
Dear Steve, I have been following you now for a few months and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be submitting a warning God gave me! The Lord spoke to me Wed, Aug 14, 2013 "It's coming soon Signe: pray. I was so shocked, but knew the... read more
As clear as day I saw in my mind millions of people fleeing California and Washington state along the crowded highways headed away from these states. The cars were at a stand-still so people got out of them leaving them pushing carts, baby carriages and a Nov 2, 2013
Hi Steve, I saw the report today about which cities the Chinese want to attack. In 1994 I had a very vivid vision but mentioned only to my husband at that time nobody else. That was because the Lord hadn't revealed to me why this was happening. As... read more
I believe NOW is the time for this to come to light, since it goes hand-in-hand with recent developments of a Chinese presence off the coast of Hawaii.. Nov 1, 2013
Around January of 2012, I had a dream that I was crawling through a trench during a war. The ground was made of dry dirt, and as I crawled along the trench, bullets and bombs were flying past me. For some reason, I joined the battle and began thro... read more
I was told that our time is up. No more sitting on the fence. Either you walk with me or you don't. Either you are or you aren't, no in between. Nov 1, 2013
Glory to God Brother. My Wife and I pray for you daily. Both of us are Full Gospel. I can't tell you how many of our brothers and sisters, are sitting on the fence, just letting others do Gods work. While I was in prayer, 0300 is my fellowship... read more
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